PRE ORDER DEPOSIT March-FX 1.5-15x42mm FFP Scope FML-4

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This is a pre order DEPOSIT for 1 of 15 slots for this optic that will be ordered in January 2023.     

 March-FX 1.5-15x42mm FFP Scope with FML-4 Reticle.   Deposit of $250 will be refundable up until January 14th, 2023.   January 15th 2023 and forward the deposit will be non-refundable.    Remaining invoice will be sent and due 2 weeks prior to the optics shipping from Japan.  These are slated to go into production Feb 28th and Delivery is 90 days from Production date. 



MSRP $3050


Tactical Model (Illuminated)

New for 2023! March-FX 1.5-15x42mm Riflescope

Light weight and compact 1.5-15x42 FFP riflescope in MIL with the new “Shuriken lock” turrets is ideal for hunting and for precision semi-auto platforms. 42mm objective lens produces excellent low light performance in a compact form factor, while 1.5x low end magnification makes for very fast target acquisition. The new turrets are Shuriken shaped lockable elevation and windage turrets. “Shuriken” is a star shaped throwing knife used by Ninja. Red is for locked state and white is for unlocked state. "X" in the model name stands for the Shuriken lock.

・10X Zoom in FFP
・ED Glass
・34mm diameter body
・42mm objective lens
・Side focus 10 yard - infinity
・Scope body fully machined from aluminum ingot
・All Japanese metal parts with no plastic part except for minimum essentials such as an insulator
・Argon gas filled for internal stability
・Fast focus eyepiece
・6 level illumination module
・Shuriken lock elevation and windage turrets
Newly developed 42mm objective lenses system"

This 1.5x-15x 42mm scope has about the same length as the March 1x-10x24mm SFP, but is capable of receiving more than 3 times the light. As a result, it produces a bright high resolution image.

This 1.5-15x42 riflescope, like all March scopes, is immensely strong to endure any severe condition. All March scopes are Argon-filled for internal stability and are fully weather-resistant and waterproof to at least 4 meters, and have passed impact tests of up to 1000G. The walls of the 34mm tubes are 4mm thick. Our 34mm body tube is simply just to make the scope extra strong. With its 4mm thick walls and the overall design, March-X and March-FX models are among the toughest riflescopes in the world. 1.5-15×42 FFP scope is categorized under the March-FX models. “X” in the classification name stands for 34mm body tube and “F” in the classification name stands for FFP (first focal plane).

Reticle with a bright illuminated center circle is suitable for hunting and tactical shooting.

"Fast focus eyepiece"
The diopter adjustment mechanism has been improved so you can adjust the eyepiece to your eye faster than ever before.


0.1 MIL Type

1 Click Adjustment : 0.1MIL
10MIL per 1turn

Shuriken lock elevation and windage turrets. “Shuriken” is a star shaped throwing knife used by Ninja. Red is for locked state and white is for unlocked state.