Zero Compromise 6 Mil Slimline Mount 1.18 Height

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1.18 Height 6Mil Slim Line Mount

This is for the mount and scope level wedge only.  Accessory cap with bubble level and rail are NOT included. 

The ZCO Slim-Line mount with 6Mil pre-tilt was specially developed for professional mounting of ZCO 36mm riflescopes and provides very high strength despite its lightweight design.

Our mounts are made in Austria and are manufactured on state-of-the-art CNC milling machines. The mounts are made of Anodized coated EN AW-7075 aluminum.

The Slim Line mount includes a leveling wedge for the optic to achieve horizontal alignment of the scope on the scope base, without the use of a feeler gauge or plumb bob. Likewise, a folding bubble level can be placed on the mount.