Manners Elite Long Range Hunter Stock

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If you can add it to your cart, it's in stock!  Pattern is different on every stock and varies from stock to stock.  Photos are representing the color only.

Right Hand Manners Elite LRH carbon fiber stock.  MCS-M5 mini chassis.  Use your own M5 bottom metal, bolt on and go.  Stocks have flush cups front and back on the left side and sling studs bottom front and rear.  ARCA plate is in front of the magwell.   Barrel channel is Proof Carbon Sendero profile.  For Remington 700 clones.  The stocks are cut low enough on the actions, so there is no need to line up ejection ports or bolt releases.  


This stock will accommodate all short action, Remington 700 clones including: Defiance, Big Horn, Curtis, Impact Precision, Kelbly, Lone Peak, Pierce, Stiller, Surgeon, Templar, Tempest, Terminus and Tuebor.